Mobile device addiction?

I work in technology, and somehow I managed to not become addicted to my electronics.  I do have an iPhone provided by work: it’s just a pretty leash, really.  Maybe that’s why I’m ambivalent.

But I notice everywhere I go, walking, driving (seriously?), and even in the ladies room (hello!) people are on the phone or texting.  Constantly.  Even when I am with family and friends, they have their devices in hand. I go out to eat, and glance at people at other tables. They all are looking at their smart phones, not talking to each other!

What does this say about our society?  I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s good.

What brought this to mind is that I was just watching an action adventure flick, and there was a long chase scene, and a good part of it was through crowds.  I only noticed one person in the throng holding something that might have been a cell phone, and she wasn’t using it.

And that jumped out at me.
I must be showing my age.



What is happiness?

We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What IS this thing we are searching for? I think the reason that we can’t find it is that we don’t recognize it.

“I’ll be happy when I lose fifty pounds.”
So happiness comes from being thin?

“I’ll be happy when I can afford a new car.”
So happiness comes from new cars?

Aside for the enormous life-altering problems, what makes us unhappy?

If losing 50 pounds will make me happy, why can’t I do it?

Maybe I’ll be happy if I have pizza for supper.

Happy New Year!!!

Wow.  That number just seems so foreign.
I suppose 2013 did as well a year ago.
What shall I do with this new year?

I don’t make resolutions.

I don’t need the stress.  Or the guilt, shame and recriminations when I fail, as everyone does.  Despite NOT making resolutions, I still plan to eat healthier, move a bit more, de-clutter my home, and spend more time writing.

I want this year to be all about making a better ME!

In case anyone thinks that sounds selfish, I do a lot for others, so I don’t believe I’m a selfish person.
Recently I turned 50!!!  Holy moly!  I don’t look it, feel it, or act it.  I have neglected myself in many ways.  It’s time to fix that!  Ok, it’s past time!

So I repeat that this year will be for ME!  I hope it is a happy and successful one.  And for you too!!


Still learning… obviously

I used to consider myself to be a fairly computer savvy person.
Not anymore!

I’m clearly still learning how to set up this blog, among other things!

For example, I’m struggling with widgets, and may need to contact support.
– My Twitter widget looks like a link, but does nothing when I click on it.
– My Facebook widget has a huge gap below it, above the Tag Cloud.

I’m afraid to ask: if you have a blog, did you get it right on the first try?

Thanks for stopping by!
– MF